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Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice app, is an award winning app created to help primary school children practice reading comprehension in a social setting with their school community. The app is proven to enhance reading engagement* and starts by creating book recommendations for each child as per their optimal Lexile reading range based on ability and age.

*A 13 month long study in a pilot school showed a 3 times increase in reading engagement.

Once signed up, same school students and teachers are connected on the community tab of the app. On the community tab readers can share the books read by them and add video or text reviews for other school readers to see and engage with. Every student also gets reading suggestions on their app’s recommended reading tab, the books recommended here are personalised as per age and reading ability. When comprehension practice quizzes for any child are available, they automatically pop up on the Quiz tab. Children get points for consistency in reading practice, book reviews and taking quizzes.

Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice app is created for students. Parents and teachers use the app to help their students read regularly, reflect on the books they read and practice reading comprehension. The app is available on both Android and Apple devices. Once registered, members can also login through the website.

Browzly provides innovative tools to encourage students and the wider school community to support each other to read more. Here are some of the things you can do to promote reading with Browzly

• Ask students to record their reading on Browzly, they can do that by simply scanning their book ISBN. The student profiles will automatically get created on the app as well as on the school portal for you to track. Browzly makes reading and book reviews added by members visible to all and encourages reading and conversation about books.

• Encourage your students to create their individual reader profiles and then create a book wish list on Browzly. Get these books from the library or swapshop if another child in the class has a copy they’d like to trade.

• Comprehension quizzes when available, will automatically come up on the quiz tab for the students. Teachers can also create self-marking multimedia quizzes for books and chapters that you read in class.

• Create Posts:Teachers may create posts with multimedia resources such as pdf, videos or images and a call to action of what you wish your students to do. Use this feature to post a class activity, a question, a learning resource or even a competition. Please see the blog on Browzly website for more on this.

• Reading the right level of books is central to the engagement of reading. Book recommendations on Browzly app are personalised to every student according to their age, interest and ability to handle text complexity (based on text Lexile measures that are assessed as easy to medium hard for them).

• Books by topics can be searched via Search field on the Recommended tab.

• Users can annotate book reviews with comments & likes- Comments from teachers will appear in your students’ reading assessment reports and likes will help them gain points for reviews.

• Parents can also login and view their children read, speak, write and present, evidence and observation would be so much easier.

• Please see the Help section on the school portal or the blog on Browzly website to find interesting class activities using Browzly that help students to read more, read together and build valuable skills such as- reading fluency, comprehension, enterprise, negotiation, communication, presentation etc.

Reading levels on Browzly are based on the Lexile® Text measures. Each child’s operating reading level is based on their reading comprehension quiz scores and their reported ease of reading of a text (i.e. this book was easy, medium or hard to read for me). A Lexile text measure-based reading zone is tailored to suit each individual child to create a personalised reading list that would be interesting and at the appropriate challenge level. This zone is dynamic and automatically moves as the child continues to read and takes quizzes. Reading and the progress reports for every student and the whole class can be generated and viewed by the teachers through both the app and the website on their school portal.

The App shows reports for the last full month and the months before that, if you wish to see the current period, please login on the school portal and you will be able to generate customised period reports.

The points and percentile score on the app correspond to that student’s reading in the last full month. To check points and percentile scores for the current month or any customised period, please login on your school portal.

Verified teachers can go to the add tab on their Browzly Reading Comprehension app and click on the ‘Add a post’ or ‘Add a quiz’ button and follow screen instructions. You will be able to upload pdfs, images, or videos to your posts and quizzes. Additionally, url links and audio files can also be used to create topic quizzes. To create book quizzes, you will be able to search for the book by its title or ISBN. Please see point 6 above to read more about this or access the Help section on your school portal to see a video on How to create posts?

No, Browzly is not an e-reader, however librarians may share the books that they have licences for within their school community. Browzly allows you to see and request books available in the school and home libraries when added on Browzly.

Verification of school IDs is needed when members register themselves through the app, it ensures that only legitimate school members get access to your school community and is important for the safety and privacy of every member including you. If your school has invited you to Browzly, your account will be automatically verified. To upload your school ID, please click on the menu on the top left of your community screen and access your profile (my profile tab). On your profile you will see an ‘Upload ID’ link. Please click on this and follow screen instructions. Once you submit the ID, it should not take more than 1 working day to approve valid IDs, if your ID is declined you will receive an email. Please only upload valid IDs.

When your school subscribes to Browzly or when you are ID verified you will be able to access your school portal through both your app or by logging in from any browser. The portal allows school admins and verified teachers to view and manage your school updates, such as-

• See your school’s reading dashboard- a snapshot of latest highlights on reading specific to your school.

• View your class and individual student reading updates and generate assessment reports for customised periods as needed to track the whole class and each student's skills and gaps.

• Export the reports to excel.

• Create targeted posts for selected school members.

• Create, curate and share quizzes with your selected classes, teachers and parents.

• View answers to quiz questions attempted for each member.

• See the requests for books uploaded on the library .

• See recommended reading of your students and their progress vs their class and percentile score on a worldwide Browzly level.

• The school admin can add or remove school staff as admins and set access permissions

• Moderate, delete or republish reported posts, comments, and reviews.

Once verified, you can access the school portal for the following functions:

• Explore and familiarise.

• See your school’s reading dashboard- a snapshot of latest highlights on reading however in absence of students this data may not be meaningful.

• Create posts - this feature is also available through the app.

• Create quizzes.

You can download the free Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice app and sign up as a teacher. You will be able to send us a request to add your students through the app or you may invite the parents to add their children. School admins and teachers will be provided access and support to sign up their classes. Once your classes are set up, students also get emails with their login credentials. You may remind them to download the app or access the website to sign in using the credentials received by email used during sign up. All the users can download the Browzly app on their Apple or Android devices or login through the website For younger students you can also print the class QR codes (Click on the class you wish to print this for in Class tab on school portal to see the Print QR code button) to stick in the class and share a sticker in student communication books for use at home.

To create a list of books read, members need to mark them as read on their personal Browzly account. This is done by tapping on the Add (+) tab at the bottom of the device screen and tapping on the button that says – add a book you read by either scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book.

Readers can post a review for any book they have read by tapping on the Add (+) tab at the bottom of your device screen followed by the button that says – add a review. To add the book review- first find the book by either scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book, then simply follow the screen instructions.

The wishlist shows any book that readers may want to read in future. A wishlist helps to remind you of the books you wish to read at any point of time, so you remember to look for them whether you are visiting a bookstore, going through the school swap shelf or the library. The way to add to your wishlist is exactly how you add a book as read i.e. by tapping on the Add (+) tab, tapping on Add to wishlist and then searching for the book you wish to read by its title/author or the keyword.

Yes, you can delete the books from the wishlist by pressing on the book icon for a couple of extra seconds, when you will let go, the app will give you the option to delete that book from your lists. If logging in from the website then you can double click on book icons from your profile screen.

All the users can change their profile picture by tapping on the three bars on the top left of their screen, selecting Profile on the slider screen and then tapping on Change Picture text next to your profile picture.

Teacher and student posts will be visible to all the verified members signed into your school community i.e. students, teachers, and parents. Members outside your school can not see your posts. Parent posts are visible to parents only.

Your profile will be visible to the verified members of your school, when they click on your profile icon. It will not be visible to members outside your school.

Other verified members of your school can see your name, class, profile picture, books you marked read, your recommendations, your quizzes, your wishlists, books you listed on your school’s swap shop and the reviews you wrote. They cannot view your class reports, these are only visible to you.

Once your teacher ID is verified, you will be able to see and interact with posts created by verified students and teachers in your school community. Posts to the community made by parents in your school will not be visible to you or to any of the students. Unverified members will not be able to see any other members’ posts, profiles or books added for swap. They will also not have access to the school portal or ‘Create post function’.

We value the privacy of all of our users and we know you care about your privacy and the privacy of your children, so we created a Privacy Policy that explains the information we collect from users and how and when we disclose or use it. Please review the privacy policy and share with all your students in your class and their parents. Please note that by signing up on Browzly, you or your school uploads yours, your students’ and their parents’ personally identifiable data that enables all of you to login and get appropriate book recommendations from Browzly. If you do not wish to share any information about yourself or if your students or their parents wish to remove some information, please do not sign up on Browzly. Accounts already created can also be deleted through the settings tab on the app.

The ‘Get from library’ tab shows those books that are recommended for your class and are also available in your school’s library. You may add these books to your wishlist or press the Request Library button, as an information to your library teacher that you would like to get that book, on one of your next visits. The tab may or may not show all the books that may be physically available in the library, as Browzly does not provide the live library catalogue. When you request or get books out of your library, you must continue to follow the same rules that you have been following with all the library books up until now- for example- return the books on or before their due date.

The swapshop consists of physical books that are owned by members of your school and are available in their home libraries. By adding them to the swap shop members are showing their intent to give/swap or sell these books to fellow school members. Browzly helps you to easily add and request these books to exchange at school. You may wish to swap or sell your books for many reasons such as - you may have already read them or you wish to make space for some new ones. Books given away on the swap shop may or may not be returned, just remember to set your terms with the person you give them to. You may do it via the comments on the community. Please note Browzly is not responsible for loss of your or any members’ books for any reason.

• On the swap shop, you can list any books that can physically change hands such as paperbacks, hardcovers or audiobooks, as long as they have a valid ISBN number on them. eBooks cannot be listed as they cannot be passed on.

• You should list books in good, usable, and readable condition only

• You must only list those books that are yours and you are willing to give them.

• You must only list books that are legal and do not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

• You must not list any contents that may cause harassment of any nature to anyone or that are not allowed in the country of your residence.

To add a book to the swap shop, simply click on the Add + button at the bottom of your home screen and then scan the ISBN code of your book or search for it by title/author/keyword. And yes, you can list any book in any language, that has an ISBN.

Yes, you can deactivate your book listings via the Settings tab on the main menu bar. It is recommended that you make your book listings unavailable to other members, if you are not going to be available to respond to book requests for example- when out of town.

You can chat through comments when you ask for a book added to swapshop and agree on how, when and where you will get or give the book. Be sure to agree on if the book needs to be returned, if you need to pay for it by giving money or another book in return. Agree on your terms and then either meet to collect your book or ask them to drop it off in your name at school.

Browzly is a friendly & supportive community with a shared love of books and reading. The following behaviors will ensure a thriving community and a great experience for everyone-

• Always be respectful and use proper language.

• Add the books you have read to swap and post a text or a video review, to help your friends select books to read.

• Reply if you are asked about a book you wish to swap, be clear on your terms and then follow through on your agreement such as remember to return if needed or take them on the agreed day.

• If you notice any strange members in your school community, any disrespectful comments or inappropriate books, do report them through the app, website or by writing to At Browzly we take all necessary measures to ensure that communities remain safe and verified and no outside school members get access; however we cannot guarantee that we will be successful at this at all times.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier that is assigned to each edition and variation of a book. For example, an e-book, a paperback and a hardcover edition of the same book would each have a different ISBN. The ISBN is 13 digits long if assigned on or after 1 January 2007, and 10 digits long if assigned before 2007.

The ISBN can be found on the back or inside front cover of your book.

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If you have an idea contact us using our online form, e-mail or whatsapp. We'll talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much information about your idea as possible, it will benefit further cooperation. Think of your preparation as if you were writing a letter to your grandmother telling her about what you want to create? Keep it simple and think about all the questions she might ask.

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We thoroughly monitor our developers and control how much time they spend on each task. We also have a dedicated delivery team that ensures that the reported effort is linked to operational efficiency. When we work on time and resource basis, we will share exact time reports with you before any billing is done.

There is no problem at all, in fact we believe that positive partnerships always result in better outcomes and sustained relationships. That's why we involve you right from the planning stage. We will also invite you to evaluate and give feedback on the work completed.

Hiring your own software developers can be a smart choice if you are an established business with a technology leader to bring it all together. But a lot of times this is hard to accomplish even for technical founders. The reason is that an entrepreneur needs to wear so many hats that doing everything in-house may oftentimes become resource and time inefficient. For starters, the recruitment process is time-consuming and the costs of maintaining a full stack in-house programming team is very high. Hiring us will take away a lot of your headache and you will also have an exact handle on your costs. Once your project is live and successful, you may always employ your own software engineers, but hiring us can help you save a lot of money and time.

Depending on your requirements and your in-house team capabilities, we can help you even after your project and the post delivery service period is complete. Post delivery services include services such as ongoing technical support and app maintenance, server maintenance, version and certificate updates, digital marketing, SEO and SEM.

Yes, absolutely! All version updates can be easily supported to keep your apps up to date and benefiting from the latest improvements.

We understand that you may want to change the team that has so far worked with you or you may want to add new features to your existing product. We are happy to connect with you for this. Simply share your brief with us through the Contact form on our website and we will be happy to discuss. Depending on your requirement we may need to conduct a UX or code quality audit. Rest assured, we will advise you on our recommended way forward.

Yes. All development projects have a project lead who is responsible for not only client liaison, but also project management and documentation. Consider him or her as your guide and information source throughout our whole cooperation.

The cost of a development project needs to be determined on a case by case basis. The reason is that each project is unique in its scope, the recommended technology stack, the resources needed and the time required. We know this might not be the answer you wished to get but this is the fact. To ensure that we deliver best quality service, at Browzly Techugo our focus is on always providing you with top talent for any technology stack required, one who can grasp your concept quickly and deliver you great value.

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